We all set New Year’s Resolutions…and then life sets in, and they seem to wane.  But what sets those people apart that can set goals and actually attain them?  How do they get to that point, that their goals are worth achieving?

I’ve let 6 months pass by.  I had the goal to start a space where I could take the time to record how I am trying to better myself.  And I failed.

BUT…there’s always hope.  There’s always a new beginning.  And today I’m going to start. Start trying.  Start achieving.  Start bettering myself.

During the school year, I get neglected.  I spend my days frazzled, trying to accomplish elephant size tasks into an ant size framework.  But we got through the 2016-17 school year.  So many things I wish I would have recorded when they happened.  I was too busy trying to survive when I really want to THRIVE!

So here are 5 goals right now, that I am going to work on to help me get to where I truly take the time to enjoy my life:

**Realize I am an extrovert/introvert.

I love people!  I love interacting with them.  I love socializing and recharging my                  need to converse with other adults.  I also love to be quiet.  I crave quiet.  I love to take the time to think through things.  And that’s hard sometimes when I am over-scheduled because of my own doing or the doing of those that I love and am close to.  How am I going to remedy this and create balance between the two?  I can still  schedule time to be with my friends.  And my kids can be with their friends.  But learning to say no, and being okay with saying no.  It’s not going to be the end of the world if we don’t participate in an activity.  I’m just going to have to be okay with that.  Especially when I need the time to recharge myself.

**Enjoy nature more.

Last week we went to Boone and Crumpler.  I admit…I always feel a little homesick when I come back from a trip to the mountains because being there literally rejuvenates my soul.  The beauty is breathtaking.  The air is clean and smells so sweet.  The slowed down pace is exhilarating.  I want to be able to enjoy God’s creations, and take the time to do so.  So how can I recreate that here in my hometown?  Find beauty in those things around me.  Go to our land and explore with the kids.  Find unique parks around here that foster that sense of joy.

**Begin my day with God.

Consult with Him.  How can I better serve Him throughout my day?  I always seem to have it together more when I realize that yes…I make my own choices…but I would always rather those choices be consistent with the One who knows me best and knows my potential.  So how can I accomplish this?  Wake up a little earlier to enjoy the quiet that comes with the early morning.  Sit down with a notebook and scriptures and record those things that are spoken to my heart.  Refill that spiritual tank!

**Listen to my children.

I tune out a LOT.  I hear things my children say…but it’s usually hurrying them along so we can move to the next task.  To achieve this goal, would be to put my phone down.  Have set times that I don’t have the constant inundation of beautiful things on Pinterest to distract.  Or see the beautifully decorated homes on Instagram.  And the fun crafty things on Facebook that will probably never get done around here.  Those things fill me up at the time, but leave me empty at the thought of the time I could have better spent creating memories with my children and truly listen to who they are.  I chose to be their Mama.  And this is the time in my life I need to prioritize that role!

**Set time to work on my Antique Booth

This has become something I love!  It’s almost like a treasure hunt!  I love finding unique items to share and bless the lives of others with.  I have been able to find some really good deals on things to also bless our home with.  I have been able to meet some really neat people through some of the auctions we have gone to…and the Flea Market in Boone (Mr. JR Bryant was one of them).  The kids really enjoy helping me find things too, so this could be a family effort.  Shaun has really gotten into it as well, so it’s been a fun way for us to spend time together and better our relationship.  Because it is a family thing, I don’t feel so bad allotting some of my time to it.


FIVE…that’s a number I can manage.  Five goals to work on.  Well …6 if you count me trying to keep up on the accountability end of things and writing here on this space. I can do it.  And I hope the things I write about will be able to help you, as I am helping myself.



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